FOMTM – Fibre optical thermal monitoring at CC billet mould

Initial situation:

  • The initial solidification of the molten steel is important for determining the quality of the cast product
  • Rim formation can have severe damaging impact on the surface of the solidifying strand
  • Currently no regular use of thermal mould monitoring for tube moulds for long product casting

Working topics:

  • Design of an fibre optic temperature sensor (FOTS)
  • Realisation and installation of pilot FOTS system
  • Industrial trials on the caster with pilot FOTS system and the developed analysing software
  • Data elaboration and rules, tuning of the system, industrial transferability, suggestion for standards


  • Develop and operate a better control of initial solidification at meniscus level
  • Enhanced surface quality of as-cast products
  • Identification of irregular casting conditions in terms of mould powder feeding, slag rim formation and irregularities in initial solidification
  • Operate the system under industrial practice at a billet mould

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