Photograph of deslagging at Saarschmiede

OptDeslag – Improved deslagging and slag conditioning

Initial situation:

  • Performance of many metallurgical operations is significantly influenced by the condition of the slag
  • Therefore in some cases the slag has to be removed as far as possible
  • When the deslagging process is overdone, liquid steel from the liquid bulk may also be removed, which contributes significantly to losses of steel

Working topics:

  • Monitoring of deslagging operations using CCD and IR cameras
  • Development of dynamic online process models
  • Sampling and analysis for verification


  • Reproducible performance of the deslagging process
  • Online determination of the amount of remaining slag
  • Minimise amount of remaining slag before entering secondary metallurgy
  • Predict impact of remaining slag on metallurgical operations
  • Calculate set-points for slag conditioning


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