VALCRA – Webinar am 5.11.2020

Am 5.11.2020 findet das nächste freie VALCRA Webinar statt.

Webinar “Measuring Techniques (Plant)”

10.00 – Welcome and Project overview by Coordinator Arianna Gotti (RINA)

10.10 – Image processing and mould powder monitoring Birgit Palm (BFI)

10.30 – Industrial investigations of fibre optical sensor instrumented thick slab caster mould, Kersten Marx (BFI)

10.50 – Coffee Break

11.00 – Development of caster instrumentation at Materials Processing Institute, Andrew Chown (Material Processing Institute)

11.20 – Supporting control by inspection of surface quality, Pavel Ramirez Lopez (SWERIM)

11.40 Questions from audience and discussion

12.00 – End of webinar, greetings and concluding remarks

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