Workshops “LowCarbonFuture”

LowCarbonFuture Workshop “Requirements for realization of Low-Carbon steelmaking in Europe”

In the frame of the 4th ESTAD conference the workshop “Requirements for realization of Low-Carbon steelmaking in Europe” dedicated to BFI’s LowCarbonFuture project was held on the 27th of June 2019 in Düsseldorf. The workshop included an overview on the scope of the project comprising the main CO2 mitigation pathways by the project coordinator BFI. Based on the topics, previously presented at the ESTAD conference, an open discussion has been initiated between the audience and high-level representatives of the steel industry at the podium. More than 120 attendees of the conference joined the workshop and contributed to an informative and lively debate. Scope of the discussion were the different CO2 mitigation strategies of the steel producers and the related challenges and requirements.