Successful implementation of the workshop – MACO Pilot – HiJetRod -ReWaCem

On 13.11.2019 the workshop “Analysis and Recycling of liquid media in surface Treatment” took place in Düsseldorf.

The workshop was organized by the BFI together with the Steel Academy.

The surface treatment of steel products is of great importance in order to achieve the required product surface quality. The optimization of treatment processes, e.g. by mechanical descaling or pickling, requires highly efficient technologies for monitoring and controlling bath conditions and for recycling liquid media.
In recent years, technologies have been developed to optimize process bath monitoring and the recycling of liquid process media as well as the recovery of recyclable fractions.
The workshop gave an overview of the latest developments to improve steel pickling, process bath analysis technology and the recycling of liquid process media for surface treatment of steel based on selected practical research results. Approximately 40 innovative research institutes, plant constructors and companies from the metal and steel producing industry gave an insight into their latest approaches.

An intensive expert discussion with conclusion at the network meeting rounded off the whole Event.