4th project meeting DissHeat

On 26 October 2023, the 4th project meeting for the RFCS project “Valorisation and dissemination of the heating technology findings from emission minimization, energy savings and process optimization towards todays fossil free heating agenda” (DissHeat) took place at RINA-CSM in Naples. In addition to RINA-CSM and BFI, the international consortium also includes Swerim as coordinator as well as RWTH Aachen and CRM. The aim of the project is to analyse projects on “low CO2” heating (H2, biogas, electric heating and all related technologies), to assess the contributions and results of the last 20 years and to identify research gaps and establish a roadmap to synchronise work in the field of “low CO2 heating of thermal furnaces in order to align industry and research activities with the EU’s new Green Deal.