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For more than 50 years we have been proposing and developing solutions to meet your current and future challenges. We see ourselves as your research partner, putting our special expertise and long experience at your service in translating new findings into industrial practice.

Steel Institute VDEh
Steel Institute VDEh

As a non-profit research institute we maintain close contacts with the process industry. Through our shareholder Steel Institute VDEh we enjoy especially close connections with the steel industry and its federations and associations. We address emerging issues of major relevance in areas such as energy efficiency, process optimisation, measuring and instrumentation technology, and industry 4.0, and make them the focus of our work. In doing so, we systematically align our structures to your requirements in order to ensure that the research process will deliver the confidentiality (security), flexibility and speed that are so essential to industry.

As a research institute we network extensively on an international scale and are very familiar with the relevant national and European funding programmes. We have the skills and expertise to build and lead powerful consortiums and to tackle new research topics together with our partners in the process industry, whether in privately or publicly funded research programmes.

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