Here you will find a Selection of the Equipment available at the BFI. We use this equipment for our research and development projects. However, it is also possible to use the equipment in the context of measurement services at your company or in laboratory tests carried out by the BFI.

1 MW Technology plant

You can find more information about our 1 MW pilot plant here.

Laboratory plant:
High / Low Pressure Diaphragm Cells
for all media: e.g. HCl,
H2SO4 and mixed acids
V= 250 ml
p < 40 bar
Cross-flow micro/ultrafiltration
laboratory plant (MF/UF)
Acids, alkalis,
Waste water
V = 8 – 15 l
p < 4 bar
Microfiltration pilot plant
Solids separation
(e.g. silicon, sludge)
VFeed = 5000 l/h
p < 5 bar
Ultrafiltration pilot plant (UF)Degreasing bath care,
Oil separation
VFeed = 4000 l/h
p < 5 bar
NF/RO membrane filtration PlantAcid and metal
(e.g. for mixed acids)
VFeed = 1500 l/h
p < 60 bar
Membrane contactor
Pilot plant
Metal recovery
(e.g. phosphate
Vmax = 1000 l/h, V = 120 l
p < 2 bar
Mixer-Settler Laboratory/Technical
Metal recovery
(waste water treatment)
Lab: V = 2 x 3 l (Glas)
Pilot: V = 3 x 6 l (PVDF)
concentration monitoring:
mobile measuring station (DynAcid®)
HCl- u. H2SO4-
Pickling acids
V = 50 l
T = 20 – 95 °C

Test and Pilot Plants: Water Technology

In the following table you can find the water technology tests and pilot plants available at the BFI.
Pilot plant with rotating
membrane discs (MF, UF)
Wastewater treatmentp < 6 bar
A = 0,14 m²
Ozone generator and
treatment plant (laboratory plant)
Wastewater treatmentQ = 8 g Ozon/h
Membrane chamber filter press
(pilot plant)
Sludge dewatering13 Plates (300 x 300 mm)
p < 7/15 bar
Bioreactors (laboratory plants)Wastewater treatment7 L, 12 L
Magnetic separator 1 (laboratory plant)
Magnetic separator 2 (pilot plant)
Magnetic separator 3 (mobile pilot plant)
Cooling water treatment
Emulsion treatment
V = 0,5 m³/h
V = 5,0 m³/h
V = 50 m³/h
Mobile quench tank monitoring system
Quenching curvesuniversally applicable
Measuring system for polymer concentration
(pilot plant)
Online monitoring
of the quenching basin
universally applicable
Capacitive deionizationKühlwasser, Brunnen- und OberflächenwasserbehandlungV = 60-210 L/h

UV - Camera, water cooled

Mobile, optical in situ flame diagnostics for the evaluation of hydrogen and hydrocarbon flames.
Temperatureup to 2.000°C
Useful lengthup to 1.200mm
Diameter38 mm
Frame rate130 Hz
Opening angle40°
Range of application0 - 100 % H2 combustion

Video Periscope

Optical measurements in furnaces of thermoprocessing plants
Temperatureup to 1.600 °C
Working lengthup to 3.500 mm
Diameter43 - 48 mm
Focal length7,5 ... 24 mm
Videoperiskop Anwendung
Videoperiscope in operational use

Findings for the Company

Direct visual inspection and assessment of:

  • Belts
  • Transport Rollers
  • Blts
  • Burner stones
  • Flame shape
  • Radiant Tubes
  • Burnout
  • Furnace interior lining
  • Belt inlets/outlets
  • Deposits
  • Measuring points (e.g. Temperature, Gas Analysis, …)

Operational Measurements

Mobile analysis possible for operational measurements
Gas componentchemical formulaMinimum measuring rangeMaximum measuring range
OxygenO20 ... 10 ppm0 ... 100 %
Carbon dioxideCO20 ... 100 ppm0 ... 100 %
Carbon monoxideCO0 ... 100 ppm0 ... 100 %
HydrogenH20 ... 3 Vol.-%0 ... 100 %
MethaneCH40 ... 10 Vol.-%0 ... 100 %
Nitric oxideNO0 ... 100 ppm0 ... 5.000 ppm
Nitrogen oxidesNOx0 ... 100 ppm0 ... 5.000 ppm
Sulfur dioxideSO20 ... 100 ppm0 ... 10.000 ppm
Hydrogen sulfideH2S0 ... 100 ppm0 ... 1.000 ppm
HydrocarbonsCxHy0 ... 10 ppm0 ... 100.000 ppm
Relative humidityH2O0 ... 100 %0 ... 100 %
Dewpoint temperatureH2O-100 ... +20 °C-20 ... +80 °C

Findings for the Company

  • Temporal and spatial recording throughout the furnace and in the vicinity of the belt:
    • Hot gas composition, e.g. of O2, CO, H2 and CO2
    • Temperature
    • Dust concentration
  • Inert gas Composition
  • Temporal and spatial recording of the entire furnace and in the vicinity of the belt
  • Localisation of inhomogeneities
  • Burnout optimisation

Measuring Technology

The following list shows an excerpt of our measuring systems and other equipment
PictureApplicationtechnical Details
Thermal camera
with Protective Housing
Determination of thermal condition and process optimization, e.g. of ladles, processes, etc.T up to 2000°C
Continuous melt temperature measurement for process optimizationT 1500 - 1700°C, 2K Measurement precision
Furnaces, high temperature furnaces
Temperature treatment and calibration up to 1600 °CT up to 1600°C
Fiber optic sensor technology
Fibre optics
distributed temperature measurement at production aggregates (mold, refractory,...) T up tp 600°C, up to 0 sensors per fiber, 4 fibers per interrogator
RFID (High Temperature)
Equipment for reading ID, e.g. from steel mill ladles,
consisting of ID tag, readout unit and antennas
Maximum Operating temperature up to 350°C, range up to 5m, frequency range 2.4 GHz
Data Logger Recording of process data such as temperature values from thermocouples to know and optimise the thermal condition, e.g. of ladle wall and bottom10 Channels, 130.000 Measured data, max. operating temperature 110 °C
FEM Software
Calculation of temperatures, stresses and flows using the finite element methodcustomized
Image processing
Image processing
Development of customised solutions for automatic process control, combination of camera systems (VIS and IR) with online or offline image processingcustomized
Laser vibrometerInvestigation of the process behavior and the load of plants and plant componentsFrequency up to 25 MHz, Max. Working distance up to 250m
mechanical workshop
Design and manufacture of individual solutions,
e.g. protective housings for measurement technology, adaptations to existing systems
turning, milling, drilling, sawing, welding, sheet metal working