PhD thesis

Bachelor’s, master’s- and doctoral theses

The VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut offers interesting tasks which can be dealt with in the context of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD’s. Here you can find the topics to be assigned.

Bachelor theses

  • Hot wear tests of coated furnace rollers
  • Comparison of traversing measurements and UV camera investigations for the characterization of industrial burner flames

Master theses

  • Improvement of the inspection of hot surfaces using camera technology and adaptive optics
  • Development of test methods for the production of defined secondary/tertiary layers in the laboratory and their analysis
  • Application of Raman spectroscopy for online monitoring of processes
  • Automatic detection of intruders based on infrared cameras and autonomous flying drones

PhD theses

  • Agent-based machine learning for rapid cause and effect analysis of production problems
  • Development of scale conditioning coatings
  • Auto-calibration of process models in liquid steel production
  • Development of identifiable, observable and controllable models on the basis of process engineering models
  • Optimal defense of SCADA systems against cyber attacks
  • Simulation of gap degree and permeability of industrial multi-grain fills in shaft furnaces