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For more than 50 years, the BFI has been offering and developing solutions for current and future problems in the process industry. With its technical expertise and many years of experience, the BFI is the research partner who, among other things, translates the results of basic research into practical applications. A team of about 100 people consisting of technicians, scientific staff, project managers and senior experts is available for this purpose.

In order to meet the constantly growing demands of our customers in the process industry and to be able to cover the many new fields of work, we are always on the lookout for creative and motivated new colleagues. As the BFI is active in various fields of work, we are looking for committed electrical engineers, chemists, metallurgists, physicists, mechanical engineers, materials scientists, software developers or data analysts as bachelor, master or doctoral candidates. Career starters are just as welcome as experienced professionals.

The work at the BFI is project-related. Known as a think tank, the BFI generates numerous new project ideas every year. Here everyone can contribute their ideas and realize them. This also means that the work never gets boring. Each new project pursues new goals, uses new technologies and is worked on in cooperation with new partners from the European process industry and other research partners.

Due to the close networking of the BFI with the universities as well as the teaching activities of some colleagues, it is also possible to carry out parts of a doctorate part-time. This can take place, for example, within the framework of a publicly funded national or European research project. Bachelor’s or Master’s theses can also be carried out at the BFI – please contact us!

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