VALCRA – Free Webinar held on 28th October 2020

On 28. 10. 2020, in the time of 9:30 – 12:00 a free webinar will be held on the project […]

Improving surface quality in hot strip rolling InFire Seminar on 29 October 2020, webinar

The InFire Project The seminar is organized as a workshop within the project “Infire” (Strategy to increase the hot strip […]

BMBF final event MachWas

At the BMBF final event MachWas on 12-13.02.2020, the coordinator Ralf Wolters presented the final results of the membrane project […]

Kick-off-Meeting “REVaMP” in Brussels

The Kick-off-Meeting for the SPIRE-Project „Retrofitting Equipment for Efficient Use of Variable Feedstock in Metal Making Processes“ (REVaMP) took place […]


Lecture: 30. September 2020
Influence of EMS and EMBr in continuous casting

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Numerical modelling in continuous casting”

Lecture: 15. July 2020
Investigation of unsteady and asymmetric flow phenomena in continuous casting moulds by physical modelling

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Measuring techniques in continuous casting (laboratory)”

Lecture: 25. June 2020
Advanced sensoring systems for improved control of casting operation

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Cracks in continuous casting: highlights of 25 years of RFCS research”

Lecture: 29. January 2020
Blank Steel Seminar 27.01. – 29.01. 2020

Lexturer: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hubrich (BFI), Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kozariszczuk (BFI) Event: Blankstahlseminar 27.01. – 29.01.2020 Location: Duisburg