Reusteel – Dissemination of results of the European projects dealing with reuse and recycling of by-products in the steel sector

Initial situation

  • Many EU-funded projects on by-products reuse and recycling have already been carried out in the last 15 years
  • Requirement of an Accompanying Measure activity to evaluate and analysis the large number of project


Working topics

  • Collection of knowledge dealing with the reuse and recycling of by-products within the steel industry
  • Evaluating the impact of the results on the sustainability and the competitiveness; Identifying the most promising and useful emerging development lines as well as technological and non-technological barriers
  • Dissemination of the gained knowledge from current research activities
  • Identifying a future roadmap and a sequence of research topics



  • Generation of a roadmap stating research needs, requirements and boundary conditions for breakthrough technologies by implementing the key findings in the strategic research agenda of the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP)

The development of the wider improvement of by-products reuse and recycling in the future years


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