AeroRef – Reduction of energy demand in heating furnaces by new combination of aerogel and refractory

  • Initial situation
  • Despite continuous improvements in thermal insulation in industrial furnaces, heat losses through the furnace walls are unavoidable
  • Reduction of heat losses directly results in economic and, in most cases, also ecological advantages (reduction of CO2 emissions)
  • Project goals
    • First-time combination of aerogel and refractory materials with efficiency improvements in primary energy use in industrial furnaces
    • Reduction of fossil energy demand and CO2 emissions
  • Innovative approaches
    • Creation of a novel composite material of aerogel and refractory with reduction in thermal conductivity of heat-insulating furnace components.
  • Potential benefits to industry
    • Reduction of heat losses from industrial furnaces, resulting in improved process efficiency and reduced energy use
    • Depending on the installation and utilization situation, minimization of heat storage losses can also be implemented

Funding source: German Federal Ministry of Education and Climate Protection (The joint project is a research project under the 7th Energy Research Program).

Duration: 01.10.2019 – 30.03.2023


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