HyBeSt – Hybrid Heating in the steel industry

  • Initial situation
  • Optimal use of renewable energy in industry poses major challenges to production flexibility
  • Synchronizing fluctuating energy supply and continuous production processes and quality requirements requires new approaches
  • Flexible use of electrical energy at thermoprocessing plants is increasingly in demand
  • Project goals
    • Development of a flexible, hybrid (fuel gas/electricity, preferably from renewable sources) heating solution for thermoprocessing plants
  • Innovative approaches
    • First-time combination of fuel gas heating with electrical resistance heating in a hybrid radiant heating tube
    • Flexible use of the above energy sources in a heat treatment furnace in the steel industry
    • Use of the existing outer geometry of the radiant heating tube
    • Burner technology is simultaneously prepared for future operation with hydrogen or green fuel gas
  • Possible benefits for the industry
    • energy-flexible heating of the thermoprocessing plant enables the use of different energy sources, depending on the cost situation, availability or grid efficiency
    • Marketing of energy flexibility as well as avoidance of CO2 emissions
    • Easy replacement of existing technology due to identical dimensions of the new system

Funding source: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (The joint project is a research project within the funded Kopernikus project SynErgie – Synchronized and energy-adaptive production technology for flexible alignment to a fluctuating energy supply)

Duration: 01.11.2019 – 30.06.2023


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