ReInvent – Reduction of greenhouse gases

  • Background
    • Target according to the German government’s climate protection plan: Germany to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045
    • Industry generates around 20 % of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany.
    • sectors of the basic industry, such as
      • Steel and iron production
      • Non-ferrous Industry
      • Chemical Industry
      • Cement Industry
      • Glas Industry
      • Ceramic Industry
      • Refractory Industr
    • emit process-related greenhouse gas emissions on a large scale.
    • KlimPro – BMBF funding initiative for application-oriented R&D and implementation of Carbon Direct Avoidance (CDA) in processes in basic industries to significantly reduce CO2-emissions.
  • Project objectives
    • Networking of the projects with each other and with their industrial partners and sector.
    • Exploit synergies of technologies and processes of the branches in the project.
    • Analysis of greenhouse gas savings potentials through the KlimPro-projects.
    • Site analysis of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the basic materials industry.
    • Transfer support for the implementation of the developed technologies in the plants’ processes.
    • Public relations to reinforce effectiveness of the funding measure and disseminate project results.
  • Innovative approaches
    • Cross-project potential analysis of processes and developments in the basic materials industry to determine the greenhouse gas savings potentials in the projects and in the sectors.
    • Highlighting transformation pathways in the industries and their analogies and synergies to avoid greenhouse gases, in order to identify, drive and implement new approaches from them.
    • Site analysis using a GIS analysis to determine energy needs, supply options with alternative energy sources, and emissions reductions achievable through projects.
  • Potential benefits for industry
    • Information flow to potential plants and companies that can benefit from results, insights and synergies across branches/industries through targeted outreach and involvement of industry experts to identify and address potentials and issues.

Funded by: Research contract with DECHEMA e.V. within the framework ReInvnt-project funding by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, project executing agency: DLR Projektträger Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit


Term: 01.01.2022 – 31.03.2026

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