s-X-AIPI – self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation

The overall objective of s-X-AIPI is to research, develop and experiment an innovative toolset of custom trustworthy self-X AI technologies (autonomous AI that minimizes human involvement in the loop and exhibits self-improving abilities). AI applications will help workers to deal with external and internal influences and enable agile and resilient reaction of European process industry processes and products lifecycle for a true integration into the circular manufacturing economy ecosystem.

The aim is to provide existing process industries and its workers with agility of operation, improvement of performance across different indicators and state of the art AI-based sustainability tools for the design, development, engineering, operation and monitoring of their plants, products and value chains.


Me²H2-Methane pyrolysis

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ReflexRolle – Development of a reflecting, anti-adhesive Coating for furnace rollers

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InnoKon – Innovative non-stick surface to increase the service life of oxygen lances on the converter

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