VEIK – Improvement of heat treatment and heating in industrial furnaces by new innovative ceramic hot gas fans

  • Background
    • Usage of metallic fans in thermoprocessing plants is limited to approx. 600…800°C.
    • Two types of furnaces are necessary for heat treatment, one for temperature values up to 800°C and one for above 800°C
    • In the case of stacked goods in the funace, locally strongly varying heating at over 800°C
  • Objectives
    • Development of a ceramic fan for high temperature region
    • Targeted circulation of oxidising atmospheres in thermoprocessing plants at temperatures of 400°C up to 1.200 °C
    • Lowering of fossil fuel demand and CO2 emission
  • Innovative content
    • Development of a SiC fan impeller by additive manufacturing
    • Construction of a fan for circulation up to 1,200°C
  • Potential benefits for the industry
    • Lowering process time for heating and heat treatment processes and thereby lowering of CO2 emissions
    • Reduction in the number of necessary thermoprocessing plants by more flexible usage of individual plant
    • Improvement of product quality by more homogenous heating

Funding: German Federal Ministry of Education and Climate Protection (The joint project is a research project under the 7th Energy Research Program).

Term: 01.12.2017 – 30.06.2023


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