Here you can find some of our completed and ongoing projects, lectures at specialist conferences and seminars, as well as an extract of our publications.


ReduHeatLoss – Reduction of Heat Losses during Hot Rolling of Long Products

The aim of ReduHeatLoss is to minimise heat losses of hot rolled long products along the rolling process. Many studies […]

IntellCutProcess – Optimisation of cutting processes using intelligent cutting tools

Situation: The company Adient produces seat rails (by forming and punching of steel sheet) with an annual production of approx. […]

iSLAG – Optimising slag recycling through on-line characterization devices and intelligent decision support systems

This project aims at improving slag valorization from electric steelmaking process route through improved slag conditioning and exploration of new […]

PROTEUS-RS – Long Product Quality Optimisation through Enhancement and Utilisation of Residual Stress minimising Process Strategies

Situation: During rolling, straightening and thermal processing of long products internal stresses arise impairing the products material properties and causing […]


Lecture: 30. September 2020
Influence of EMS and EMBr in continuous casting

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Numerical modelling in continuous casting”

Lecture: 15. July 2020
Investigation of unsteady and asymmetric flow phenomena in continuous casting moulds by physical modelling

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Measuring techniques in continuous casting (laboratory)”

Lecture: 25. June 2020
Advanced sensoring systems for improved control of casting operation

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Cracks in continuous casting: highlights of 25 years of RFCS research”

“Holistic approaches for water and resource efficiency in process industry”, 25th-26th March 2020, Brüssel

Lexturer: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hubrich (BFI), Elena Piedra Fernandez (AM) Event: Holistic approaches for water and resource efficiency in process Industry, […]


De Santis, M.; Marx, K.; Pierre, R.; Kleimt, B.; De Miranda, U.; Schrader, T.-F.; Garcia, J.; Eriksson, J.-E. A.:

“Improvement of electrical arc furnace operations with support of advanced multiphysics modeling SIMULations of the EAF process (SimulEAF)”

Report of the Commission of the European Communities – EUR, Research Fund for Coal and Steel series, Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the EC (, Report EUR 30444 EN 2020

Kamp, J.; Wolters, R.; Mund, P.; Bolduan, P.;Wessling, M.:

„Design von LbL Umkehrosmose Membranen auf keramischem Support zur Aufbereitung saurer Spülwässer aus der Stahlindustrie“, Tagungsband

13. Aachener Tagung Wassertechnologie, 29.-30.10.2019, Aachen, S. 229 – 236

Wolters, R.; Kozariszczuk, M.; Kolinke, F.; Degirmencioglu, M.:

„Säurerückgewinnung mittels Diffusionsdialyse und Membrandestillation aus Prozesswässern der Stahlverarbeitung“, Kurzfassung

7. Industrietage Wassertechnik, 14.-15.11.2019, Frankfurt am Main, S. 120 – 121

R. Wolters, M. Hubrich, M. Kozariszczuk, P. Mund, J. Kamp, M. Wessling:

“Kühl‐ und Prozesswasserbehandlung in der Stahlindustrie”

“Treatment of Cooling and Process Water in the Steel Industry”

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, Volume 91, Issue 10, Special Issue:Industrielles Wassermanagement, October 2019