Here you can find some of our completed and ongoing projects, lectures at specialist conferences and seminars, as well as an extract of our publications.


RekCarb – Upcycle of carbon containing residuals and by-products through recrystallisation in molten metals

Initial Situation: Many carbon containing residuals are yet either burned or landfilled The chemical potential of carbon containing residuals often […]

SafeDewPoint – Acid dew point and corrosion sensors for dynamic waste heat recovery from steel mill flue gases

During combustion of steel mill gases acid dew point temperature varies strongly. SafeDewPoint aims to recover waste heat in hot […]

ReduHeatLoss – Reduction of Heat Losses during Hot Rolling of Long Products

The aim of ReduHeatLoss is to minimise heat losses of hot rolled long products along the rolling process. Many studies […]

IntellCutProcess – Optimisation of cutting processes using intelligent cutting tools

Situation: The company Adient produces seat rails (by forming and punching of steel sheet) with an annual production of approx. […]


Lecture: 30. September 2020
Influence of EMS and EMBr in continuous casting

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Numerical modelling in continuous casting”

Lecture: 15. July 2020
Investigation of unsteady and asymmetric flow phenomena in continuous casting moulds by physical modelling

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Measuring techniques in continuous casting (laboratory)”

Lecture: 25. June 2020
Advanced sensoring systems for improved control of casting operation

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Cracks in continuous casting: highlights of 25 years of RFCS research”

“Holistic approaches for water and resource efficiency in process industry”, 25th-26th March 2020, Brüssel

Lexturer: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hubrich (BFI), Elena Piedra Fernandez (AM) Event: Holistic approaches for water and resource efficiency in process Industry, […]


De Santis, M.; Marx, K.; Pierre, R.; Kleimt, B.; De Miranda, U.; Schrader, T.-F.; Garcia, J.; Eriksson, J.-E. A.:

“Improvement of electrical arc furnace operations with support of advanced multiphysics modeling SIMULations of the EAF process (SimulEAF)”

Report of the Commission of the European Communities – EUR, Research Fund for Coal and Steel series, Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the EC (, Report EUR 30444 EN 2020

Kamp, J.; Wolters, R.; Mund, P.; Bolduan, P.;Wessling, M.:

„Design von LbL Umkehrosmose Membranen auf keramischem Support zur Aufbereitung saurer Spülwässer aus der Stahlindustrie“, Tagungsband

13. Aachener Tagung Wassertechnologie, 29.-30.10.2019, Aachen, S. 229 – 236

Wolters, R.; Kozariszczuk, M.; Kolinke, F.; Degirmencioglu, M.:

„Säurerückgewinnung mittels Diffusionsdialyse und Membrandestillation aus Prozesswässern der Stahlverarbeitung“, Kurzfassung

7. Industrietage Wassertechnik, 14.-15.11.2019, Frankfurt am Main, S. 120 – 121

R. Wolters, M. Hubrich, M. Kozariszczuk, P. Mund, J. Kamp, M. Wessling:

“Kühl‐ und Prozesswasserbehandlung in der Stahlindustrie”

“Treatment of Cooling and Process Water in the Steel Industry”

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, Volume 91, Issue 10, Special Issue:Industrielles Wassermanagement, October 2019