Here you can find some of our completed and ongoing projects, lectures at specialist conferences and seminars, as well as an extract of our publications.


InnoKon – Innovative non-stick surface to increase the service life of oxygen lances on the converter

In the converter process, pig iron is converted into crude steel with the addition of oxygen. This is done using […]

Green Steel for Europe

Initial situation: The European Union set concrete targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in terms of its 2030 […]

Slagreus – Reuse of slags from integrated steelmaking

Initial situation In Europe about 10 Mio.t/year of BOF slag are produced at the steelmaking. A main part is reused […]

Me²H2-Methane pyrolysis

State of the Art Hydrogen has a steadily growing importance as an industrial feedstock in many industrial processes, as a […]


Lecture: 30. September 2020
Influence of EMS and EMBr in continuous casting

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Numerical modelling in continuous casting”

Lecture: 15. July 2020
Investigation of unsteady and asymmetric flow phenomena in continuous casting moulds by physical modelling

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Measuring techniques in continuous casting (laboratory)”

Lecture: 25. June 2020
Advanced sensoring systems for improved control of casting operation

Lecturer: Kersten Marx (BFI) Event: VALCRA-Webinar “Cracks in continuous casting: highlights of 25 years of RFCS research”

“Holistic approaches for water and resource efficiency in process industry”, 25th-26th March 2020, Brüssel

Lexturer: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hubrich (BFI), Elena Piedra Fernandez (AM) Event: Holistic approaches for water and resource efficiency in process Industry, […]


Kamp, J.; Wolters, R.; Mund, P.; Bolduan, P.;Wessling, M.:

„Design von LbL Umkehrosmose Membranen auf keramischem Support zur Aufbereitung saurer Spülwässer aus der Stahlindustrie“, Tagungsband

13. Aachener Tagung Wassertechnologie, 29.-30.10.2019, Aachen, S. 229 – 236

Wolters, R.; Kozariszczuk, M.; Kolinke, F.; Degirmencioglu, M.:

„Säurerückgewinnung mittels Diffusionsdialyse und Membrandestillation aus Prozesswässern der Stahlverarbeitung“, Kurzfassung

7. Industrietage Wassertechnik, 14.-15.11.2019, Frankfurt am Main, S. 120 – 121

R. Wolters, M. Hubrich, M. Kozariszczuk, P. Mund, J. Kamp, M. Wessling:

“Kühl‐ und Prozesswasserbehandlung in der Stahlindustrie”

“Treatment of Cooling and Process Water in the Steel Industry”

Chemie Ingenieur Technik, Volume 91, Issue 10, Special Issue:Industrielles Wassermanagement, October 2019

Thienpont, E. K.; Stranzinger, B.; Kim, R.;  Skelnik C.:
“Vorstellung eines Messverfahrens zur Ermittlung der Heißgasatmosphäre in Heizzügen von industriellen Koksöfen”
29. Deutscher Flammentag, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Deutschland