Schmelzbadoberfläche einer gasgerührten Stahlwerkspfanne

Flushing process monitoring

Your goals:

  • Monitoring and optimal control of gas flushing ladle treatments in secondary metallurgy
  • Information on the amount of purge gas actually available for the metallurgical work in the ladle
  • Monitoring of previously inaccessible process parameters in the ongoing process, e.g. in ladle furnaces or vacuum systems
  • Rinsing efficiency evaluation to ensure and improve melt and end product quality

Our services:

The BFI Flushing process monitoring supplies this new online control variable from an evaluation of the rinsing spot size on the bath surface:

  • Online detection of the flushing spot (size and contour length),
  • Determination of the intensity of the bath movement, the degree of slag coverage, the function of the bottom flushers and the temperature loss of the melt,
  •  Combination of the innovative online measured variables with a dynamic process model for optimized process management (minimization of the treatment time, control of the flushing gas flow, avoidance of slag ejection),
  • detection of splashes in the depressurization phase of the RH system,
  • Increase in process reliability and energy savings.




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