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Infire – Strategy to increase the hot strip rolling performance in terms of surface quality, final properties and reproducibility

Situation: Achieving high surface quality of hot rolled high strength steel strip and reproducible rolling results remains challenging: Primary scale […]


Situation: During re-heating of material for the production of special long products and forged screws 1 to 2 % of […]

Lecture: 27. September 2017
Bruchmechanische Charakterisierung von Zunderschichten auf wiedererwärmten Brammen nach einer definierten Abkühlung

Vortragender: Dr.-Ing. Miriam Sartor Veranstaltung: “Werkstoffwoche 2017”,  27.-29.09.2017 Ort: Dresden, Deutschland https://www.werkstoffwoche.de/kongress/vortragsprogramm/

Lecture: 23. February 2017
New methods for scale conditioning by means of particle-containing coatings for reducing tool wear during die-forging

Speaker: Dr. Miriam Sartor & Andreas Wächter (Carl Bechem GmbH) Event: 5. VDI-Fachtagung Warmmassivumformung 2017 Location: Düsseldorf

NanoZunKonLub – Application of nanoparticle enhanced coatings for scale conditioning in die forging processes in order to optimize the tribological system

Situation: Scale formation of 1 to 2 % during reheating of the material for die forging process lead to material […]

HiperScale – High performance hot rolling process through steel grade-dependent influencing of the scale formation and flexible descaling control

Initial situation: Scale formation during reheating leads to material losses. Poor descalability and scale residuals lead to surface impairments and […]