Lecture: 2. April 2019
Vorstellung eines Messverfahrens zur Ermittlung der Heißgasatmosphäre in Heizzügen von industriellen Koksöfen

Vortragender: Dr.-Ing. Bernhart Stranzinger (BFI); (Co-Autoren: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) E. Thienpont (BFI), Dr.-Ing. R. Kim (tkIS)) Veranstaltung: Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet Fachgruppe […]

Lecture: 29. November 2018
Industrial Water 2018 – BFI involved with lectures, workshop and poster

A conference on the subject of Industrial Water 2018 will be held in Frankfurt at the end of November. The […]

Lecture: 22. November 2018
Process gas fluctuation in the steel industry

Lecture: 22. November 2018 Process gas fluctuation in the steel industry Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Bernhart Stranzinger Event: natural gas fluctuations in […]

Lecture: 4. October 2018
H2020 projects SpotView and InspireWater held joint workshop in Avilés

On 4 October, a joint workshop took place at the Avilés Niemeyer Center on the Spanish Atlantic coast, which brought […]

Lecture: 29. September 2018
DECHEMA Annual Conference: Tandem presentation by the chemical and steel industries

During the annual conference of the DECHEMA in Aachen in September the BFI gave a tandem lecture titled: “Industrial water […]

Lecture: 22. March 2018
Oberflächeninspektion in der Flachstahlproduktion

Dr. Jens Brandenburger “Oberflächeninspektion in der Flachstahlproduktion” 2. Industrial Vision Conference, Ludwigsburg https://www.sv-veranstaltungen.de/fachbereiche/industrial-vision-conference/

Lecture: 27. September 2017
Bruchmechanische Charakterisierung von Zunderschichten auf wiedererwärmten Brammen nach einer definierten Abkühlung

Vortragender: Dr.-Ing. Miriam Sartor Veranstaltung: “Werkstoffwoche 2017”,  27.-29.09.2017 Ort: Dresden, Deutschland https://www.werkstoffwoche.de/kongress/vortragsprogramm/

Lecture: 13. September 2017
Energie- und ressourceneffiziente galvanische Bandverzinkung

Vortragender: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bán Veranstaltung: “ZVO-Oberflächentagen 2017”, 13.-15.09.2017 Ort: Berlin, Deutschland

Lecture: 12. June 2017
Innovative measures to prevent dust emissions

Speaker: Kersten Marx Event: 2nd ISIJ-VDEh-Jernkontoret Joint Symposium, 2017 Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Lecture: 23. February 2017
New methods for scale conditioning by means of particle-containing coatings for reducing tool wear during die-forging

Speaker: Dr. Miriam Sartor & Andreas Wächter (Carl Bechem GmbH) Event: 5. VDI-Fachtagung Warmmassivumformung 2017 Location: Düsseldorf

Lecture: 8. November 2016
Flatness measurement – Principle measuring methods

Speaker: Christopher Pinno Event: DGM-Fortbildungsseminar: Profil, Planheit und Ebenheit gewalzter Flachprodukte Location: Bonn

Lecture: 8. November 2016
Control of flatness during cold rolling

Speaker: Dr. Jan Polzer Event:  DGM-Fortbildungsseminar: Profil, Planheit und Ebenheit gewalzter Flachprodukte Location: Bonn

Lecture: 28. October 2016
Innovative non-contact, non-destructive sensors for automatic detection of surface and internal defects in hot continuously cast products

Speaker: Dr. Tobias Kordel Event: Stahlwerksausschuss FA Verfahrensentwicklung im Stahlwerk Location: Düsseldorf

Lecture: 28. October 2016
Big Data in the steel industry from the perspective of applied research – Results of finished and overview of current research projects

Vortragender: Norbert Holzknecht Veranstaltung: Stahlwerksausschuss FA Verfahrensentwicklung im Stahlwerk Ort: Düsseldorf  

Lecture: 28. September 2016
Nanoparticle-containing coating systems for scale conditioning with the example of reduced scale formation and optimized tribological properties

Speaker: Dr. Miriam Sartor Event: 57. Fachtagung Tribologie Location: Göttingen

Lecture: 1. September 2016
Application of Industry 4.0 concepts at steel production from an applied research perspective

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Peters Event: 17th IFAC Symposium on Control, Optimization and Automation in Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing, […]

Lecture: 7. June 2016
Investigations on scale conditioning coatings for prevention of scale formation and influencing the descalability and / or the tribological system

Speaker: Dr. Miriam Sartor Event: 10th International Rolling Conference and the 7th European Rolling Conference (Rolling 2016) Location: Graz, 07.06.2016

Lecture: 3. March 2016
Industrial testing of thermogenerators for generating electricity from waste heat

Speaker: Bernhart Stranzinger Event: 8. Darmstädter Energiekonferenz Location: Darmstadt

Lecture: 3. February 2016
Big-Data implementation for the quality assessment of flat steel products

Speaker: Jens Brandenburger (BFI), Christoph Schirm (thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel) Event: Workshop „Industrie 4.0 in der Stahlindustrie“, Stahl-Akademie, 3. Februar 2016, Location: Düsseldorf

Lecture: 3. February 2016
Agents at the virtual marketplace for the dynamic rescheduling of steel products

Speaker: Dr. Marcus Neuer Event: Workshop „Industrie 4.0 in der Stahlindustrie“, Stahl-Akademie, Location: Düsseldorf

Lecture: 3. February 2016
Industry 4.0 in the steel industry – current state of research and application

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Peters Event: Workshop „Industrie 4.0 in der Stahlindustrie“, Stahl-Akademie, 3. Februar 2016 Location: Düsseldorf

Lecture: 12. November 2015
Industry 4.0 in steel industry from an applied research perspective

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Peters Event: Stahl’2015 Location: Düsseldorf

Lecture: 16. September 2015
Use of the results of automatic surface inspection systems

Speaker: Dipl.-Math. Jens Brandenburger Event: Werkstoff Woche Location: Dresden

Lecture: 10. June 2015
Industry 4.0 and its transfer to the steel industry

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Peters Event: 12. Umformtechnisches Kolloquium, 10.Juni 2015 Location: Darmstadt

Lecture: 12. May 2015
Industry 4.0 also in steel production?

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Peters Event: Impulsvortrag beim 15. Branchenforum Stahl, 12.Mai 2015 Location: Dortmund

Lecture: 2. February 2006
Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Peters Event: Workshop on EU Funded Steel Projects, 2nd of February 2016 Location: Brussels