Seminar “Oxide formation and flexibe descaling during steel processing”

On 23.11.2017 the seminar “Oxide formation and flexibe descaling during steel processing” was held by BFI in cooperation with Steel […]

Best Poster Award – Comsol Conference 2017 Rotterdam

Best Poster Award –  Comsol Conference 2017 Rotterdam The Comsol Conference 2017 was helt 18-20. Oktober in Rotterdam. Thousands of […]

3rd European Steel Technology and application days (ESTAD) und die 9th European Continuous Casting Conference (ECCC), Wien

From 26th to 29th of  June the 3rd European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) and the  9th European Continuous […]


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Goals: Monitoring and optimum control of gas-fuming pans in secondary metallurgy Information on the amount of flushing gas actually available […]

BFI HR-Server – Interactive analysis of high-resolution data

Initial situation: Due to the use of modern measuring systems, increasingly high-resolution (HR) data are collected along the entire process […]

Knowledge management through semantic modeling

Communication between autonomous systems requires a common language and uniform semantics. Furthermore, due to the increasing complexity of the entire […]

New measuring instrument for the determination of the combustion technology properties of process, mixed and natural gases

Your goals: Efficient combustion of process, mixed and natural gases even in the case of changes in the fuel gas […]


Longlife Tuyere – New improved blast furnace tuyeres

Initial situation: Burning of tuyeres is the most common cause of unplanned shutdowns of blast furnaces A total non-productive energy […]

BOFdePhos – Control of Dephosphorisation in BOF process

Initial situation: End-point control of the Oxygen Steelmaking Converter (BOF) process is mainly based on results of a static charge […]


Situation: During re-heating of material for the production of special long products and forged screws 1 to 2 % of […]

OptDeslag – Improved deslagging and slag conditioning

Initial situation: Performance of many metallurgical operations is significantly influenced by the condition of the slag Therefore in some cases […]

HiperScale – High performance hot rolling process through steel grade-dependent influencing of the scale formation and flexible descaling control

Initial situation: Scale formation during reheating leads to material losses. Poor descalability and scale residuals lead to surface impairments and […]