2nd ISIJ-JK-VDEh-Jernkontoret Symposium

The 2nd ISIJ-JK-VDEh-Jernkontoret Symposium was helt 12-13 June 2017 at Jernkontoret , Stockholm. 27 lectures were given by paticipants of […]

The BFI reestablishes itself

As a research and development partner to the process industry, especially the steel industry, the BFI stands for applied top […]

Sales activities

The BFI strengthens its sales activities and welcomes Mr Tilo Reichardt in a new role. As Head of Technical Sales […]


Our services

We offer innovative ideas and implement them by excellent applied research in customised operational solutions for process industry. We consider ourselves as a dynamic partner for foresighted acting companies.


Optimization of dedusting

Goals: Cost-effective inventory and assessment of existing plants with regard to dust emissions and the efficiency of dedusting Proposal and […]

BFI HR-Server – Interactive analysis of high-resolution data

Initial situation: Due to the use of modern measuring systems, increasingly high-resolution (HR) data are collected along the entire process […]

On-line measurement of acid and metal salt concentration in pickling baths

Initial situation: The targeted adjustment of the optimum concentrations of free acid fractions and metals in industrial steel pickling baths […]

DynTemp – Fiber optic melt temperature measurement

Initial situation: The measurement of a representative melt temperature, which is the average value of the entire melt, is of […]


NEBS – Use of waste heat for electricity generation using ORC

Initial situation: In the iron and steel industry as well as other energy-intensive industries, a variety of different thermal process […]

stackMonitor – Online Blast Furnace Stack Status Monitoring

Initial situation: The decreasing and fluctuating quality of raw materials and the aim to maximise PCI and decrease coke rates […]

NickelRück – Recovery of nickel from process waters of phosphating

Initial situation: Processes and waste water containing nickel are produced during the phosphating of steels Seizure of phosphating sludge after […]

ROLLOILFREE – Cold rollers with oil-free lubricants

Initial situation: Oil based / containing lubricants are state of the art in steel cold and aluminium hot rolling Increased […]

Nanocarbides – Enhancing technological properties of tool steels by cryogenic treatment

Initial Position: Cryogenic treatment – adjunctive treatment in hardening and tempering process to improve wear resistance and toughness of tool […]