3rd European Steel Technology and application days (ESTAD) und die 9th European Continuous Casting Conference (ECCC), Wien

From 26th to 29th of  June the 3rd European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) and the  9th European Continuous […]

2nd ISIJ-JK-VDEh-Jernkontoret Symposium

The 2nd ISIJ-JK-VDEh-Jernkontoret Symposium was helt 12-13 June 2017 at Jernkontoret , Stockholm. 27 lectures were given by paticipants of […]

The BFI reestablishes itself

As a research and development partner to the process industry, especially the steel industry, the BFI stands for applied top […]


Our services

We offer innovative ideas and implement them by excellent applied research in customised operational solutions for process industry. We consider ourselves as a dynamic partner for foresighted acting companies.


On-line measurement of acid and metal salt concentration in pickling baths

Initial situation: The targeted adjustment of the optimum concentrations of free acid fractions and metals in industrial steel pickling baths […]

DynTemp – Fiber optic melt temperature measurement

Initial situation: The measurement of a representative melt temperature, which is the average value of the entire melt, is of […]

Process models blast furnace frame

Your goals: Determination of the gap and position of the dead man Determination of filling level in the baking rack […]

BFI HR-Server – Interactive analysis of high-resolution data

Initial situation: Due to the use of modern measuring systems, increasingly high-resolution (HR) data are collected along the entire process […]


PlantTemp – Plant wide control of steel bath temperature

Initial Situation The aim of steel bath temperature control is to prepare the melt such that it meets the target […]

TotOptLis – Through-process optimisation of liquid steelmaking

Initial situation: Process control in secondary metallurgy is based on static operating instructions and manual interventions, taking into account measurements […]

OptiReg2 – Heat exchanger

Initial situation: Poor convective heat transfer in through-passages of ceramic honeycomb bodies. Size heat transfer area. Size of the regenerators […]

MeltCon – Melt temperature control in electric arc furnace

Initial situation: Electric Arc Furnace has high demand of electrical and chemical energy. Precise end point control essential for energy […]

Presed – Predictive Sensor Data mining

Initial situation: Some steelworks experiences problems with product deficiencies like slivers and cracks. Several pre-studies indicated a relationship between the time […]