Digital Twin technology in the steel industry: from concept to operational benefits

“Digital Twinning” technology plays a key role in the progressive Digitalisation of the Process Industry for increasing its competitiveness and sustainability. However, […]

Horizon2020 Project InspireWater

The InspireWater Project is developing and testing three innovative technologies for sustainable water treatment. One of the BFI’s innovations is […]

practice conference: natural gas fluctuations in the process industry

practice conference: natural gas fluctuations in the process industry – backgrounds, effects, solutions – on 22.11.2018 in Düsseldorf. Location: VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut […]


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Chemical-free deposition of magnetic particles from liquid process media

Initial situation: In the iron, steel and metal processing industry, the input of metallic particles (for example, scale) into various […]

FIDUS – Touchless check for internal and surface defects

Rods and wire under 15 mm diameter at high speed to internal error was so far difficult. The effort was […]

CFD- and FEM-Simulation

Your Goals: Improvement of plant efficiency and component optimization by simulation of technical flows in furnace components (burners, fans etc…) […]

DynAcid – Online concentration monitoring in pickling baths

Initial situation: The targeted adjustment of the optimum concentrations of free acid fractions and metals in industrial steel pickling baths […]


Nanocarbides – Enhancing technological properties of tool steels by cryogenic treatment

Initial Position: Cryogenic treatment – adjunctive treatment in hardening and tempering process to improve wear resistance and toughness of tool […]

INTEGA – Thermoelectric generators (TEG) for high temperature

Situation: In the iron and steel industry, large amounts of heat are lost as radiation. One possibility for the use […]

ROLLOILFREE – Cold rollers with oil-free lubricants

Situation: Oil-based lubricants are state-of-the-art in cold rolling of steel and hot rolling of aluminium. 2-phase character of emulsions and […]

TriboCoat – Optimization of highly stressed sliding contacts by the use of innovative coating and surface concepts

Situation: Frequent malfunction in the case of sliding contacts in the boundary friction regime for discontinuous movements and high loads. […]

TotOptLis – Through-process optimisation of liquid steelmaking

Initial situation: Process control in secondary metallurgy is based on static operating instructions and manual interventions, taking into account measurements […]