Here you can find some of our completed and ongoing projects, lectures at specialist conferences and seminars, as well as an extract of our publications.


DroMoSPlan – Drones for autonomous Monitoring of Steel Plants

Baseline situation – Drone technology is increasingly being used for civilian purposes and further developed in these areas. – For […]

Remocoal – Real Time Monitoring of coal composition in closed systems for fast process control at the blast furnace

Within the project the Pulsed Fast and Thermal Neutron Analysis (PFTNA) technology will be modified, calibrated and applied in a […]

LowCarbonFuture – Exploitation of Projects for Low-Carbon Future Steel Industry

Initial situation The iron and steel industry is one of the most energy intensive sectors EU Commissions Low Carbon Roadmap […]

non stick-FiReNi – Development of stress compatible coating systems for the optimization of cutting tools

Situation: Growing demands on cutting tools regarding cutting quality when processing high-quality strip materials, e.g. special paper, FRPs, insulating materials […]


Lecture: 29. November 2018
Industrial Water 2018 – BFI involved with lectures, workshop and poster

A conference on the subject of Industrial Water 2018 will be held in Frankfurt at the end of November. The […]

Power Generation from High Temperature Waste Heat Using Thermoelectric Generators

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Frank Mintus Event: Clean Tech 4 – The 4th European Conference on Clean Technologies in the Steel Industry […]

Lecture: 22. November 2018
Process gas fluctuation in the steel industry

Lecture: 22. November 2018 Process gas fluctuation in the steel industry Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Bernhart Stranzinger Event: natural gas fluctuations in […]

Lecture: 4. October 2018
H2020 projects SpotView and InspireWater held joint workshop in Avilés

On 4 October, a joint workshop took place at the Avilés Niemeyer Center on the Spanish Atlantic coast, which brought […]


Sprecher, M.; Lüngen, H. B.; Stranzinger, B.; Rosemann, H.; Adler, W.:
Abwärmenutzungspotenziale in Anlagen integrierter Hüttenwerke der Stahlindustrie.
Forschungsbericht Umweltbundesamt, Januar 2019.

Hubrich, M., Kozariszczuk, M.; Padilla Vivas, B.:
How to save energy and water in cooling water circuits in steel industry.
Increasing water and energy efficiency in process industry
– tools, technologies and concepts, Frankfurt am Main, November 2018

Hubrich, M.; Kozariszczuk, M.; Padilla Vivas, B.; Piedra Fernandez, E.; Menendez :
Innovative and sustainable solutions for efficient water use in steel industry by
desalination with capacitive deionisation.
Industrial Water 2018 , Frankfurt am Main, November 2018

Hubrich, M.; Kozariszczuk, M.; Piedra, E.:
Innovative water treatment and use of alternative water resources in iron and steel industry.
Workshop “Sustainable Process and optimized Technologies for Efficient Water
Usage in the Steel,
Dairy & Paper industry”, Aviles, Spain, Oktober 2018