Here you can find some of our completed and ongoing projects, lectures at specialist conferences and seminars, as well as an extract of our publications.


ReflexRolle – Development of a reflecting, anti-adhesive Coating for furnace rollers

Within the planned research project a reflective and anti-adhesive coating will be developed for water-cooled furnace rolls in strip galvanizing […]

H2BF – CO2-Mitigation through Injection of H2 into the Blast Furnace – Project Phase 1

This project is funded from the State of NRW and aims to technically investigate a new, modified blast furnace process. […]

SCI4climate – Scientific competence center for a climate-neutral and competitive basic industry in NRW

SCI4climate.NRW is a research project supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in connection with the IN4climate initiative to develop […]

BioCOnversion – Bioconversion of CO/syngas into a plastic precursor

Initial situation Process gases from the steelworks are currently used thermally or are converted into electricity CO-containing process gases are […]


Lecture: 2. April 2019
Vorstellung eines Messverfahrens zur Ermittlung der Heißgasatmosphäre in Heizzügen von industriellen Koksöfen

Vortragender: Dr.-Ing. Bernhart Stranzinger (BFI); (Co-Autoren: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) E. Thienpont (BFI), Dr.-Ing. R. Kim (tkIS)) Veranstaltung: Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet Fachgruppe […]

Lecture: 29. November 2018
Industrial Water 2018 – BFI involved with lectures, workshop and poster

A conference on the subject of Industrial Water 2018 will be held in Frankfurt at the end of November. The […]

Power Generation from High Temperature Waste Heat Using Thermoelectric Generators

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Frank Mintus Event: Clean Tech 4 – The 4th European Conference on Clean Technologies in the Steel Industry […]

Lecture: 22. November 2018
Process gas fluctuation in the steel industry

Lecture: 22. November 2018 Process gas fluctuation in the steel industry Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Bernhart Stranzinger Event: natural gas fluctuations in […]


R. Wolters, G. Brenner

Final report to IGF Project No. 18486N:
“Novel ultrasonic reactor for the recovery of valuable metals from residual materials of the steel and
metalworking Industry”

VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut GmbH, TU Clausthal, Institute for Technical Mechanics / Flow Mechanics, January 2019

Final Report_AiF-Forschungsvorhaben-Ultraschallreaktor_FKZ-18486N

Adler, W.:
„Wärmerückgewinnung und Brennstoffeinsparung an Industrieöfen sowie Abwärmenutzungsoptionen.“
Seminar Industrieofentechnik der Stahl-Akademie, Bad Neuenahr, Februar 2019

Sprecher, M.; Lüngen, H. B.; Stranzinger, B.; Rosemann, H.; Adler, W.:
“Abwärmenutzungspotenziale in Anlagen integrierter Hüttenwerke der Stahlindustrie.”
stahl und eisen 139 (2019) Nr. 1, S. 27-33.

Sprecher, M.; Lüngen, H. B.; Stranzinger, B.; Rosemann, H.; Adler, W.:
Abwärmenutzungspotenziale in Anlagen integrierter Hüttenwerke der Stahlindustrie.
Forschungsbericht Umweltbundesamt, Januar 2019.