SitErk – Process situation detection

Initial situation:

  • Process experts want to analyse sensorial data with regard to a specific scenario or situation.
  •  A situation is defined by one or more patterns occuring in one or more sensorial data streams.
  •  Partner iba AG has software platform to review data recorded by the iba data acquisition systems. This platform is used as basis for a recognition tool.

Working topics:

  • Development of an index based pattern recognition algorithm tailored to the needs of the iba AG.
  •  Definition and layout of user interfaces for the search of patterns within multi-dimensional signal collections.
  •  Development of a search strategy and logical procedure for finding situation-related interdependencies in multi-dimensional signals.


  • Functional algorithm prototype running in the iba AG software ibaDatManager.
  •  Tool to manage search patterns with regard to process situations, including defining hand-made search pattern.
  •  Result presentation of a multi-dimensional search, featuring an easily understandable process situation analysis.


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