Performance assessment for automatic surface inspection systems

CheckSIS –
Performance assessment
for automatic surface
inspection systems

Initial situation

  • In modern steel production, automatic surface inspection systems (ASIS) are commonly used to detect and classify surface defects on strip steel
  • To “measure” the quality of a steel surface in the sense of measurement engineering is still an unsolved problem

Working topics:

  • Implementation of methods for the periodic online assessment of correct ASIS calibration and detection of decreasing system performance by means of artificial defects
  • Determination of methods for precise position synchronization of surface defect data provided by two ASIS installed at the same line and creation of more reliable surface defect data by online combination of the results
  • Definition of a first official standard for ASIS calibration and supervision procedures


  • Proven long-term reliability of ASIS and guaranteed minimum performance for detection and classification of surface critical defects
  • More comparable results of different ASIS considering different detection sensitivities
  • Improved repeatability (same coil same ASIS) and reproducibility (same coil different ASIS) of ASIS results

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