ROLLOILFREE – Kaltwalzen mit ölfreien Schmiermitteln

Initial situation:

  • Oil based / containing lubricants are state of the art in steel cold and aluminium hot rolling
  • Increased effort and expenditure for care, control and compensation of losses
  • Process stability variation due to two-phase configuration and connected lubricity efficiency
  • High safety and environmental impact of conventional lubricants

Working topics:

  • Targeted lubricant development in consequent laboratory and pilot tribological and product related scale-up processing.
  • Definition of environmental impact for application, safety, care, recycling and final dumping of aqueous oilfree lubricants.
  • Preparation and performance of industrial full scale trials


  • Increased process stability and performance
  • Release of subsequent processes
  • Decreased costs for application, care and dispoal
  • Saving of environmental ressources
  • Improved safety and health aspects

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